Artescape is collaborating with Bridport ArtsCentre to provide one-off workshops this autumn to coincide with visual arts events at the Arts Centre.
The Big Draw  – Every Drawing Tells a Story 1-31 October 2016
Tuesday 6th October 10-12 a.m.
Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport
Primary school children from st. Marys School Bridport will attend a one-off drawing and collage workshop to produce life size drawings of their bodies adapted for space travel.
Tuesday 6th October. 2-4 pm.
Bridport Arts Centre, Bridport
 Students from Sir John Colfox Secondary School will attend a one-off drawing and collage workshop that explores developing narrative and character to tell visual stories.
Wednesday 7th October 10-12 a.m
Arts Centre forecourt, Bridport.
The public are invited to participate in creating a large scale abstract painting with an automatic painting machine designed and built by local engineer Richard Toft.
Wednesday 7th October 3-5pm
Bucky Doo Square, Bridport
Children are invited to create a large scale drawing by hanging in a hammock suspended from a tree.
Thursday 8th October 5-7pm
A workshop introducing experimental drawing techniques for developing visual narratives.
Saturday  31st  October 10-12 a.m
Monsters of the Imagination. A children’s workshop to produce scary masks, inspired by Ooser, the mythical  half bull, half man beast of Dorset.